Engineering Metrology

GET can create and/or replicate identical parts for your machines. Simply bring in your equipment or parts (or we will come to you), and GET will draft up accurate drawings using our state-of-the-art design facilities

You can then replace your old parts quickly and efficiently for maximum performance.

GET also offers modifications. You can have parts altered or custom-made to suit your business’ individual needs.

Let’s discuss your requirements to produce the optimum product for your needs.

On-site servicing and support

Do you need to replace some parts, but don’t know what they are? Let GET come to you and figure out exactly what you need – free of charge.

Across Queensland, NSW and Victoria, our team of experienced sales team can visit your site to identify the parts you need. This saves you valuable time explaining requirements to us over phone. It also saves you guessing what you need and ordering the wrong product.

While on site, we also conduct complementary ‘product cataloging’. This allows us to record an inventory for you of all the parts in your plant for future reference.

If you’d like to book an on-site meeting or parts analysis, contact us today. We will arrange one of our expert consultants to visit you.